Ekumeku is a dark and shadowy character, one who thrives in the underbelly of society. He can be friend or foe, assassin or saviour, and while he might take your money, he remains his own boss. Ekumeku is not for hire and neither is his gun.

But not everyone is so lucky. Sometimes you're able to approach life on your own terms, other times the choices are already made for you. Other stories in this collection feature aspiring footballers, presidents, house boys and then, there's the enigmatic Amaziah who would not be god.

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List of Stories

1. Ekumeku: Dirty Busines

2. Ekumeku: Co-operate!

3. Amaziah: Prophecy

4. One Day For the Servant

5. The President’s Speech

6. Amaziah: The Reluctant

7. The Day of the Underdog

8. Amaziah: The Pursuit of Chickens