Lagos Hanky Panky

Lagos Hanky Panky leads in this collection of short and exciting stories about the underhand, unusual and unexpected things that happen in the urban cities and spaces around us.

Featuring womanising young men in beer parlours, a governor who is where he should not be, boys experimenting with weed and a prostitute who takes matters into her own mouth, this collection of short reads will grip you from start to finish, and the characters and their stories will stay with you long after you finish.

List of Stories

1. LAGOS HANKY PANKY - Uko Bendi Udo
2. CEMETERY ROAD - Kurannen Baaki
3. FOUNTAIN OF TEARS - Charles Ihejirika
4. OKULA, A DAUGHTER’S VENGEANCE – Omojola Oluwafunminiyi
5. ONCE UPON A RAINY NIGHT - Shadiat Shoyombo
6. PUFF PUFF PASS - Osas Osayiwu