BRAND NEW! The Naija Stories Imprint

Many people say Nigerians don't read, but NS publishing begs to disagree based on the evidence of our flagship website,, and the rate at which foreign fiction and non-fiction books are sold in the markets. What may be underrepresented is the production, distribution, and sales of quality Nigerian leisure books outside of what is demanded for educational purposes through school curriculums.

To change this aspect of our reading culture, NS Publishing has developed our special branded Naija Stories genre series, which feature easily accessible language that will draw in readers who want to read for enjoyment. With relatable stories, the short length of the books and their recognizable characters will keep readers coming back for more.

Using our home-grown authors - 100% of our authors are Nigerian and 80% live in Nigeria - means that we will also make writing a profitable career for young talented Nigerians in this sector. We intend to replicate, in the leisure books publishing sector, what Nollywood and Afropop has done in making Nigerian movies and music globally popular.

NS Publishing is kickstarting a publishing industry that will not just throw up literary stars every five years, but one that'll support writers, graphic artists/designers/illustrators, cover models, and will prooduce works that can be translated to the stage or adapted to movies, or given life by voice-over talents in audio books. We see a billion naira industry in the future, and we're heading there.

Look out for the Naija Stories books whereever you are, online and offline, and if you would like to order please contact