Call For Manuscripts With N50,000 Advance Royalty Contest

NS Publishing Ltd is having a writing contest! To celebrate our first batch of ten books and also make up our next 10, we are calling for manuscripts from members of and beyond.

All authors who submit manuscripts of between 15,000 to 40,000 words between March 3rd and 31st, 2014 will be entered for a chance at having their book published and receiving an advance on a royalty contract.

The winners will be chosen in early April. All authors who submit manuscripts during the contest time frame will then be notified for the next stage. Please make sure to only submit complete manuscripts.

The advance will be paid when the winners sign the contract.

1st Prize – N25,000  Advance Royalty
2nd Prize – N15,000  Advance Royalty
3rd Prize – N10,000  Advance Royalty


1. The novel must not have been under contract or published before in print.

2. This contest is open to Nigerians worldwide, but the work must be in English and must have Nigerian main characters.

3. This contest is open to all genres including poetry, but word count must be between 15,000 and 40,000 words.


NS Publishing is a small company based out of Festac, Lagos with a focus on providing enjoyable and affordable books about Nigerians by Nigerian authors for Nigerian readers.

At this time, we only accepts electronic submissions. Please take a moment to read all of the requirements carefully before sending your submission via email to Failure to follow these instructions will result in having your submission rejected.

1. On page 1 of your manuscript, include the following

- Real Name and Pen Name (if different)
- Contact info – Email Address and City/State/Country
- Title / Working Title of Manuscript
- Genre – Poetry/Fiction/Non-Fiction and also whether Short Story Collection or Novella.
- Word Count
- Book Summary (not more than 100 words)
- Published online? Where? Submitted to another publisher?

2. On Page 2 of your manuscript should be a full page summary of your novella/story collection, and then the full manuscript.

3. All submissions should be double-spaced and in Time New Roman, or Calibri. Using fancy fonts will result in your manuscript being rejected without consideration.

4. Files should be in either .doc or .pdf format and should be saved with both the title and your name.

5. In an email, tell us who you are, who is the target market of your work, and why we need to publish your collected stories or novella Explain how you as an author can help us market and distribute the book if and when published.

6. Send the email, with your manuscript document attached to

Submissions sent to other publishers will be accepted, but please let us know at the time of submission. Notify us if the other publisher accepts your work for publication. Previously published works will not be accepted at this time. If you have ever shared this work on naijastories, other writing websites, your blog, or Facebook, please let us know.


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