Naija Stories - Now in Print

Do you find it frustrating looking for good books by Nigerian authors at affordable prices?
Do you wish Nigerians wrote entertaining genres like romance, suspense and thrillers?
Were you about to give up on finding a Nigerian community of book lovers?
You need Naijastories!

Naija Stories is an imprint of NS Publishing. NS Publishing develops Nigerian literary content through paperbacks, ebooks, audio, apps, and web. The Naija Stories imprint brings you enjoyable short stories offline and online.

This is BOLA. Bola is serving in Imo State, and teaches in a village school. Bola loves reading in her spare time. What Bola doesn't want is to use her small allowee for one book of N3500. Then Bola found! Amazing short stories online - for free! Bola could read, comment and chat with the community!

But internet access is expensive and network can be terrible! Now with NS Publishing, the best stories are also in print! Far from being mad at PHCN or her ISP. A happy Bola can read whenever she wants, however she wants, wherever she wants.

Why don't you join the happy team?

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