In addition to our traditional publishing we also offer services to authors who want to self-publish but need some support from those who know better. We'll be happy to give you the boost you need at any stage of the process, contact us for a quote. Below you’ll find more information about our author services and estimates of the cost.

Cover Design - N20,000

We will use quality images and fonts to evoke the mood and genre of the story. We do not use templates. Everything about your cover will be customized to fit the story in your book.

Page Design - N30,000

This is the interior layout that will bring your words to life with custom designed title pages, interior pages, chapter headings, and footers.

Copy Editing - N50,000

We can clean up your manuscript so that it reads easily and your story isn’t weighed down by complicated sentence structure, overused words, grammar mistakes, wordiness, and other mistakes.

Developmental Editing - N100,000

We will examine all elements of your story including: character development, plot progression, dialogue, description, and much more. The end result will be a tighter story that grips the reader from beginning to end.

Ghost Writing - N200,000

We will interview you at least 5 times and then deliver your complete concept as a finished book.

Book Video Advertisement - N20,000

This video will kick-start the buzz about your book and if you’re lucky it might just go viral.

Want to just talk with us first? N5000

You may have researched self-publishing and you're overwhelmed by all the information out there. With the personal experience of some of our professionals, we can help you make the best choices for you and your work.

Printing - N50,000 for 100 copies.

If all your files are good to go, then we'll put it all together so you can hold your book in your hands. We can also do up to 1000 copies if you so prefer.

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