At NS Publishing, we want to publish stories told from a Nigerian perspective, with a Nigerian audience in mind. And we want to test and prove your stories with the audience of writers and readers on is the flagship website of NS Publishing. The site connects Nigerian readers to accessible writing they can enjoy. The website currently has over 3000 members and almost 100,000 hits a month.

We publish short stories and exciting series on our website, promote writing contests, provide a discussion forum for readers, and coordinate offline events like writing workshops, meetups, and reading our stories on the radio. We also have some eBooks for sale in our store.

Our major visitors are upwardly mobile Nigerians between 16 – 66 years. They enjoy reading and are usually in need of something entertaining to engage their attention and our stories are easily categorized for easy discovery.

The success of has informed our latest project, to bring our brand of Naija Stories to paperbacks, selling and marketing books - pocket-size popular fiction books - compiled from the website and sold directly to Nigerians where they can be found.

Check out HERE and register. It is free to register and post on

Are you already a member of Do you have more than 10 short stories or a completed series on the website? Follow the details below to submit your work for consideration.

1. Compile three chapters of your manuscript/three of your best short stories in a Microsoft Word Document, Times New Roman 12pt, Double Spacing.

2. Read and re-read. Re-write and edit. Edit again. Make sure the work is free of typos and grammar errors.

3. On the first page, put your real name, Username and the state where you are currently resident.

3. On the second page, state the title of the completed manuscript or list all the stories in the document. Give a four paragraph synopsis of the novel or two sentence blurbs of the short stories.  Save.

4. In an email, tell us who you are, NS name and most popular story, and why we need to publish your collected stories or series. Explain how you as an author can help us market and distribute the book if and when published.

- If you have a popular blog or 5000 followers on Facebook/Twitter, or you know the owner of 100 bookshops, or you are in the same church with 200 school proprietors, or your church has 1000 branches and you're friends with the pastor, state it here.

5. Send the email, with the word document attached to

We will try and respond to you within 2weeks. You can send a follow-up query if we have not responded after one month. Thank you for considering us.